What is Massive?

Massive is an ethical alternative to online monetization. Instead of showing ads or charging a subscription, any Massive™ enabled service allows users to pay by silently utilizing their unused computing resources (CPU, GPU and bandwidth).

What is the Benefit?

Massive™ enabled services get paid for their valuable premium content without having to rely on intrusive ads, which charge users with their data, attention, computing power, electricity, and bandwidth (3rd party ads and tracking take up unseen resources).

How does it work?

Once a partner integrates our SDK, they can allow users to 'pay' for premium content by running a small program on their computer.

Our program works by utilizing unused processing and network power to perform calculations for the Massive network.

Once downloaded and installed, our app runs silently in the background when a users' computer isn't fully utilized.

Then users visit their favorite Massive™ enabled websites in order to access the content they love.

How do partners get paid?

Partners get paid $0.005 per user per day (roughly $0.15 per month) once per month via PayPal.

How does Massive get paid?

We stitch together those small bits of computing power and use it for various computing tasks, like mining cryptocurrency, scientific research, training AIs, 3D rendering, distributed web scraping, and solving latency problems. We are kind of like Airbnb for computing.

Is Massive safe?

Massive was designed with user privacy and security in mind. We don't collect or share personal information. You can see more in our Privacy Policy.

What happens if a user uninstalls Massive? Do they lose access to premium content?

When a user uninstalls a Massive™ enabled service, they lose access to premium content. They can re-install it at any time to regain access. Partners should allow users to pause it any time instead of uninstalling it (see our docs for instructions).

What does Massive cost in electricity for users?

Since computers require electricity to run, there will be some electricity costs for users but our system is designed to be completely unnoticeable, including on their electricity bills.

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