Setup Guide

Use this guide as reference about how to setup your powered by Massive app

Step 1

Come up with the premium offer for which users can pay using Massive. We’re always happy to help, just contact

Step 2

Sign up for Massive’s developer portal. There is a manual approval process so feel free to email us to move things along.

Step 3

Integrate the Massive SDK.

Step 4

Add an opt-in screen which must have the following language:

Get access to [premium feature] for free in exchange for a small amount of your unused processing power, storage, and bandwidth, which you can monitor anytime or pause or quit if you ever notice added use by going to Settings > Resource usage.

Your idle computing resources are used to mine cryptocurrency and run scientific simulations and may increase electricity consumption or decrease battery life (see our FAQ for details).


Step 5

Add the following language to your Terms of Service policy:

[App name] should not be silently installed, without displaying installation details and options.

The app supports silent installation only to apply timely feature upgrades, bug fixes, and other improvements after you have initially installed [app name] and viewed the provided installation dialogs.

Step 6

Add the follow to your FAQ or another relevant, easy-to-find section on your website:
How do I uninstall [app name]?

From the Windows Start menu, go to Settings > Apps > Apps & features, choose [app name], then press Uninstall.

Step 7

Review the Massive SDK Privacy Policy and add anything not already included in your privacy policy or link to our site.

Step 8

if you are implementing in a new desktop application without a code signing certificate:

In order that Windows SmartScreen does not show, we recommend that you use your own code signing certificate.

Here are instructions for the certificate we use, if needed:

  • Pick 1 Year $699.00 USD / year (under Validity Period)

  • Pick EV Code Signing Certificate (under Code Signing) from DigiCert

  • Pick Install on an HSM (under EV Code Signing Cert Provisioning Options)

  • After ordering, they’ll ask you to fill out this HSM template that should be signed by an experienced engineer.

Step 9

Massive undergoes a process to become white-listed with the top antivirus vendors. If you would like our help getting whitelisted, please contact.

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