Launch checklist

Here are the steps required to get your Massive-powered app compliant and ready for release

Determine what premium feature, content, or service to monetize with Massive and offer to your app users


Create a developer account to access the Massive SDK (you can contact us if you’re not approved within a few days)


Refer to our documentation, example code, and sample apps to integrate the SDK into your app


Add an opt-in dialog with this content to your app, linking to our license, privacy policy, and FAQ (or your own after including ours):

[Insert your app name] lets you [describe your premium offering] in exchange for a small amount of your unused processing power, storage, and bandwidth managed by Massive. You can control this resource use anytime by choosing Resource usage from the app menu.

Your idle computing resources are used to mine cryptocurrency, run scientific simulations, and perform other distributed tasks, which may increase electricity consumption or decrease battery life (see Massive’s FAQ for details).

Pressing Accept indicates that you agree to Massive’s license and privacy policy.


Add this text to your terms of service:

[Insert your app name] should not be silently installed, without displaying installation details and options. The application supports silent installation only to apply timely feature upgrades, bug fixes, and other improvements after you have initially installed the app and viewed the provided installation dialogs.


Add this question and answer to a relevant portion of your website, linked from your terms:

Q: How can [insert your app name] be uninstalled?

A: From the Windows Start menu, go to Settings > Apps > Apps & features, choose [insert your app name], then press Uninstall.


Sign your app with an extended-validation code-signing certificate

If you don’t have a cert, we recommended purchasing one from DigiCert (under Code Signing, choosing EV Code Signing Certificate)


Contact us if you have any questions