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With the TimeBucks and Massive integration, users get a chance at up to $250 in exchange for sharing a little bit of their unused computing power.

This has driven tens of thousands of new sign ups and has given TimeBucks the opportunity to further provide value while monetizing existing users without intrusive ads or a bad user experience.

The Challenge

TimeBucks is a reward site where you can earn real cash for performing tasks and activities like taking surveys, posting on social media, watching videos, voting, installing free apps, playing games, and more!

As a result, over 1,000,0000 users around the world use TimeBucks to make extra cash but the cost to service these users continues to increase as more people join the platform.

How it Works

Users get sweeptakes entries in exchange for a tiny bit of their unused CPU and bandwidth.

TimeBucks gives users the  chance to win hundreds of dollars in prizes each week just by installing and running desktop software in the background.

While the app is running in the background (unnoticeable to the user), they receive 100 tickets toward the weekly drawing.

The user can track how many entries they have for the weekly sweepstakes and the computing power they've given in exchange as well as when drawings will occur.

Users will never notice a difference in the performance of their computers and can always pause, quite, or delete the app should they decide they no longer want to participate.

We don’t trigger any anti-virus or anti-malware alert on users' systems and are whitelisted on the most popular anti-virus companies.

The Solution

Using Massive, TimeBucks allows users to give up a tiny bit of their CPU power to generate revenue. In exchange, these users obtain an additional 100 sweepstakes entries every 10 minutes towards a cash prize — while generating revenue for TimeBucks.

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How Massive Works

Convert free users to paying users without compromising their personal data and attention.

Massive shall not seek, collect, or prompt Users to provide any personal data including names, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses.

It's easy to implement with a couple lines of code.

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Generate up to $0.25 per user per month without making your users suffer.

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