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With the Digg Desktop app and Massive integration, Digg is able to serve its users free premium content without ads that take away from the user experience while continuing to make revenue to support their user base.

The Challenge

Digg is a content aggregator that serves timely, user-submitted content viewed by roughly 8 million people per month.

As a result, the cost of upkeep and continued maintenance has continued to grow, while being funded by advertisers looking to get in front of these tech-savvy viewers. But as we all know, online advertising can become a user experience challenge, often the more ads companies serve, the fewer users are inclined to engage with the product. Fortunately, Massive is the perfect solution to remove ads from the Digg desktop experience while making up for the lost revenue.

The Solution

With the Massive - Digg integration users get the most-dugg stories right to their desktop in exchange for a little unused computing power completely unnoticeable to the user.

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Get the most-Dugg stories right on your desktop without ads

You can monitor resource usage, pause, or quit at any time

Enjoy your distraction-free content

We don’t trigger any anti-virus or anti-malware alert on users' systems and are whitelisted on the most popular anti-virus companies.

How Massive works

Convert free users to paying users without compromising their personal data and attention.

Massive shall not seek, collect, or prompt Users to provide any personal data including names, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses.

It's easy to implement with a couple lines of code.

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Generate up to $0.25 per user per month without making your users suffer.

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