About Massive

Massive is re-decentralizing the Internet by offering a better way to pay.

At Massive, our goal is to re-decentralize the Internet to free people from the forces that are centralizing control and influencing humanity in harmful ways.

What is Massive?

Massive is an ethical alternative to online monetization. Instead of showing ads or charging a subscription, any Massive™ enabled service allows users to pay by silently utilizing their unused computing resources (CPU, GPU and bandwidth).

Why was Massive started?

Brian, our CTO, was figuring out how to monetize a popular app he built, called Adblock Fast. Since there are a lot of free adblockers, subscriptions weren't an option, and it would be odd for an adblocker to monetize by showing ads - so he started experimenting with other monetization options.

Once he figured out that he could use his users' unused CPU to make money, he came together with Ashkan Soltani, Franck Nouryigat, and Jason Grad to create Massive.